Essays & Nonfiction
The Hunter and the Hunted, Catapult
The Art of Attention, Electric Literature
Every Bed I've Ever Slept InCosmonauts Avenue
The 'Now More Than Ever' EpidemicTheo Westenberger Estate (commission) 
Matryoshka: On (Be)coming and (Be)longingTheo Westenberger Estate (commission)
To Read the Day After the Election, Works & Conversations 
Wind and Smoke: On documentation in contemporary art, Emergent Art Space

Ai Weiwei, Austin, and Instagrammable ArtGlasstire
The Unnameable: Send Me SFMOMAGlasstire
Bing WrightGlasstire
Laura Lit at Women and Their WorkGlasstire 
Lucas Simões at Lora Reynolds GalleryGlasstire
Disappearing Photographs: John Steck Jr. at Blue Star Contemporary, Glasstire
Carnage of the Body: Erin Neve and Sara Sudhoff at grayDUCKGlasstire
Prickly Heat: Liz Rodda's LatestGlasstire
The Power of Refusal: Kevin McNamee-Tweed's Departure from AustinGlasstire
Spiderwebs in Chelsea, Tomás Saraceno, Eyes Towards the Dove
Three Chelsea Picks: Shotz, Bartley and Kurland, Eyes Towards the Dove
Dream of the Red Chamber, New York, Eyes Towards the Dove
Sophie Calle: Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston, Eyes Towards the Dove
A Sense of Place, Pier 24, San Francisco, Eyes Towards the Dove

Interviews & Profiles
Expanding and Dissolving: A Conversation with Chelsea HodsonThe Adroit Journal
Nina KatchadourianGlasstire
Is Alex Morrison Austin's Boldest Museum Educator?, Glasstire

"It's Not of Now, but it's Good Now": Tamar Adler on Reviving Food From a Bygone EraLos Angeles Review of Books
Virtual Roundtable on "Future Sex," Public Books
The Artist as Culture ProducerGlasstire
The Art of the Affair: Artists and Six Degrees of Separation, Glasstire

SPACE on Ryder Farm: Where Artists Go to GrowedibleManhattan